Retirement Planning for Individuals

Are you prepared for retirement? Do you have a plan?

We offer comprehensive retirement planning services for individuals. An Individual Retirement Account can be a key component of a retirement plan and provides many tax advantages. IRAs are tax-deferred, until you decide to withdraw the funds.

If you are not participating in an employer's retirement plan, then we can help set up your IRA account so you can make contributions on your own.

When it is time to withdraw your hard-earned retirement savings, we can help you meet your required minimum distributions.

Individual Retirement Accounts

There are several types of Individual Retirement Accounts, with different features and tax consequences. We can help you decide which is best for you.

  • Traditional IRA
    • Contributions may be tax-deductible.
    • Earnings grow tax-deferred.
    • Withdrawals are taxable.
  • Roth IRA
    • Contributions are not tax-deductible.
    • Investments grow tax-free.*
    • Withdrawals up to the amount of contributions can be made anytime, tax-free.
    • Appreciation is not taxed at the time of distribution after the age of 59½.* 
  • Rollover IRA
    • Contributions to a rollover IRA are made from a qualified plan.
    • Distributions from qualified plans must be deposited in a rollover IRA within 60 days to avoid penalties.
  • Self-Directed IRA
    • Assets can include nonfinancial investments for retirement planning.
    • A qualified trustee or custodian must have custody of the assets.

*Roth IRA owners must be 59½ or older and have held the IRA for five years before tax-free withdrawals are permitted. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal.