Why You Should Consider Investment Management

Citizens National Bank Wealth Management currently manages and administers approximately $920 million in assets for individuals, families and foundations. We can assist you in developing a customized investment strategy. We utilize a unique, disciplined process of unbiased investment research. Your investment strategy will include asset allocation recommendations for your investment portfolio and due diligence to select and monitor your investments. Our Portfolio Management team has over 50 years of combined investment experience, and our Senior Investment Officer is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Our Investment Management Services

Our philosophy is conservative. We seek to minimize risk to principal and ensure the stability of income while producing long-term real growth of capital. We adhere to the Prudent Investor Rule, meaning that we make investments on behalf of others as a prudent person would make on his own behalf.

Types of investment management accounts:

  • Discretionary Investment Management, in which we manage your investments on your behalf
  • Non-discretionary Investment Management, in which we provide investment advice but undertake transactions only with your specific approval

Benefits of our investment management services: