Estate Administration

An important part of your estate planning is appointing a representative you can trust to carry out your final wishes. Citizens National Bank's Wealth Management Division has accurately and efficiently executed estates on behalf of numerous persons and families. We can ease the complex process of estate administration and settlement.

The Estate Administration Process

An estate executor works on behalf of the estate. The executor collects and manages assets, resolves administrative problems, and properly distributes assets. Additionally, the executor coordinates with appropriate professionals the preparation of necessary legal and tax documents for settling any estate tax or other issues. A skilled executor can help ease the burden during a difficult time.

Should we serve as your estate executor, our responsibilities would include:

  • Locating, protecting and valuing your assets
  • Coordinating with a designated attorney to facilitate the probate process
  • Working with tax professionals to prepare and file tax returns
  • Paying debts and expenses
  • Distributing property according to will or court instructions

After the estate settles, the CNB Wealth Management Team can help your beneficiaries develop a financial plan so that we can effectively manage their assets for generations to come.